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Helping good people through difficult times

At Baratz Law we understand that every family legal dispute is unique and effect not just those directly involved in the case but the entire family.

Our careful and detailed approach begins with a free consultation so that we can clearly understand your situation and answer all of your questions.

With more than 13 years of experience of practicing family law, we have represented hundreds of family law clients who have faced and went through personal and emotional family issues such as;  separation, Divorce, custody battles

Our approach has always been to provide a steady hand and reliable counsel to our clients during the times when they are most vulnerable.  Having appeared at both the Ontario Court and Superior court levels for family matters we know just how stressful and emotional a family law dispute can be, especially when children are involved. 

Our primary goal is to avoid conflict and litigation as these maneuvers are known to be harmful for the children involved; however we are not afraid to put our clients’ cases to the test in a court of law, if need be. 

Baratz Law has represented hundreds of Family law clients with respect to issues relating to child custody, access (visitation), child support, spousal support and division of net family property.  Nothing is more emotional and serious than the custody and/or access (visitation) of one’s child(ren).   Baratz Law always works to ensure that the rights of parents under the Children’s Law Reform Act are always respected and adhered to.  Spouses who have relied financially upon another spouse throughout their marriage or who have primary residency of a child may have the right to financial support.   Child support is almost always ordered to a parent who has primary residence of a child and is based upon the Child Support Guidelines.  Custodial rights of a child(ren) can be a hotly contested matter and Mr. Baratz has successfully assisted many parents to obtain custody of their child(ren). 

Baratz Law has also represented parents who find themselves entangled with various Children’s Aid Societies across Southern Ontario.  We have been able to negotiate or litigate the return of children out of foster care to their parents or other family members.  Child protection is one of the most if not the most profound area of the law in Ontario – where children can be placed for adoption.  It is governed by provincial legislation, namely the Child and Family Services Act.  Baratz Law has vast experience in this area and have worked closely and intimately with the top lawyers in this field.   Drug and alcohol abuse, domestic violence, abuse, neglect, parenting capacity and mental health are all issues that frequently arise in Child protection matters.   When parents find themselves having to deal with a child protection agency, they should obtain sound and reliable advice from experienced counsel.  Should you find yourself in this situation, call us for a free consultation.   


Custody is about which parent will have decision making authority over the child(ren).  The Access parent usually has to pay the parent with custody money to help cover the costs of taking care of the children.  This payment is called child support.  In rare cases, a court can award less than the guideline amount where paying the amount would cause undue hardship to the payer.


Should the CAS want to talk to you contact an experienced family lawyer immediately.  These cases can be very time sensitive and the decisions and actions a parent takes early on in their CAS case can seriously impact the direction it takes.


There is no black and white answer as to how much spousal support one spouse will pay the other.  Every case is unique and is decided upon based on the unique facts of every case.  Many factors must be taken into account and can affect your financial future for quite a long time.


Regardless of whether children are involved or not, divorce is one of the messiest and most emotional areas of law. This process can be started earlier than the 1 year waiting period, but a divorce cannot be granted until the parties have been separated for at least 1 year.

Why Choose Us

We understand how difficult family law legal matters can be. Our approach is focussed on you making sure that from our very first call through the entire process that you understand all of the options and potential outcomes. Based on your desired outcome we will provide you the best options on how to proceed.

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