There are many types of fraud one can be charged with under the Criminal Code of Canada, but they all fall into two categories, Fraud Under $5000.00 or Fraud Over $5000.00.   Mr. Baratz has experience representing accused individuals charged with Fraud.   While Fraud cases can be very challenging for lawyers and paper intensive, Mr. Baratz is always up for the challenge and thoroughly enjoys working through a Fraud case.

It is interesting to note that Fraud is not defined in the criminal code of Canada.  No fraud case is alike and Mr. Baratz is always interested to hear about Fraud allegations given their complex and mystifying nature.  Mr. Baratz follows the financial markets closely and has taken the Canadian Securities Course which has provided him with excellent knowledge about the financial industry.  Call today to discuss your Fraud charges with Mr. Baratz –  it would be his pleasure to provide you with a free consultation.